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The Adventures of Unblocked Ears #5: Whiteout

This track was made by Unblocked Ears’ curator Katharina Schmidt for Naviar Records‘ Haiku Challenge, based on this Haiku by Alan Summers:

through the blizzard
particles of me

To learn more about the challenge and participate, check out this link: 

Katharina Schmidt

Katharina Schmidt is a musician based in Berlin.
 After years of playing drums and piano in various bands, her solo work is influenced by indie, experimental, and improvised music. Exploring interests in storytelling, sonic topographies, and generative techniques, her music uses electronics, field recordings, and self-built interfaces alongside acoustic instruments. From sonifications to lullabies, her work is poised between formal experimentation and narratives cued by literature and pop culture, and can be heard in installations, film music, and radiophonic pieces, as well as upcoming releases on labels such as Flag Day Recordings, Slaapwel Records, and Focused Silence.
Katharina holds a master’s degree in Sound Studies from the Berlin University of the Arts and hosts resident shows at Cashmere Radio and SVS Radio.