tatsuro kojima – refraction and reflection

rrSounds are ambiguous, hanging between fragility and strength, within the evanescent nature and its tendency to presence, which in listening is nothing but the delicacy of a meeting with the sense of texture: the concrete-abstract cycle here reflected by Kojima in a work able to transcend any organic-synthetic interpolation, by including exotic field recordings, furtive pianos and unknown sonic masses from which a wonderful mix of colors, interferences, and shades is achieved. Sonic sculptures in motion; variable and vibrant layers featuring quasi-randomized grains and objects in wide ranges and timescales, arriving in time to develop picturesque dreams, like a theater suspended between the contraction and fragmentation of sounds. Matter, scenery and waves here wandering together in the synergy of an endless yet beautiful dialogue: implosion and explosion, melody and texture, refraction and reflection. (Audiobulb)