steinbrüchel – skizzen

R-347920-1333042143Sonic micro-organisms are pretty special, being able to vary a lot in the way they live over time creating micro-rhythms and textures. Skizzen by steinbrüchel is a work able of showcasing that beauty, an album full of strange but yet joyful and quiet atmospheres and noises manufactured as fabric, as a slight patchwork blanket created in nearly-silent spaces built as infinite landscapes found in just a few fragments of sound. It is like finding a way of organizing sounds as if one would have a silent room in the head, suitable for subtle concerts and inner installations. The use of error as aesthetic appeal is not something new, but definitely the aesthetic vision that is reflected on each of the apparently noisy particles, is really what ultimately concludes the piece, portraying perfection on what’s not evident and taking the mind into the most remote and hidden worlds of the micro-activity, structures suitable for calm or concentration.