Sounds of the London Wetland Centre

It’s good to hear news about Chris Watson’s new sound installation which is about recreating the sounds of the London Wetland Centre (recorded through hydrophones under water) in a three dimensional listening space. It’s definitely something to look out for next year if you are in and around London.

Here’ an interview with Christ Watson about it:

One of the world’s most talented sound recordists of wildlife and natural phenomena, Chris Watson has teamed up with Wildlife Whisperer and theLondon Wild Bird Watch to create a unique listening experience; Visitors to the event, which runs from the 20 – 22 April 2012, have the chance to immerse themselves in the sounds and songs of life beneath the surface of the freshwater ways of the wetlands.  This film gives an introduction as to how Chris will go about creating his remarkable sound-scape.

More info on the London Wild Bird Watch website and also on Wildlife Whisperer.


/via @soundlandscapes