Sonic Tourism on North Head, New Zealand

Tim Prebble has published a fantastic post where he showcases several sounds recorded in North Head, Auckland; New Zealand. There are a lot of interesting things, such as the comparison between the sound inside and outside a location (with fixed recording levels), in this case a wonderful cave.

And then I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: make some fixed level recordings of an exterior and interior location, just to see what the level difference is. This is something we balance on every film ambience predub, layering & balancing the levels of eg an exterior shot of a house, and then doing the same for the interior. Of course we aren’t making a documentary about ambiences so we arent locked into any rules – its what feels right but considering that sea was like a giant pink noise generator I figured this was a good chance to try it. So I recorded a bit of the exterior and then went into one of the tunnels and recorded more, without changing record levels….

Tim also shows some sounds recorded in the underground rooms, corridors and all the places of the place, and several cool ambiences recorded at the Britomart Transport Centre. Lots of great stuff.

Full post: Sonic Tourism Auckland – North Head

Miguel Isaza M

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