shinkei & mise_en_scene – scytale

scytaleSubtle compositions create a bridge between the listener and the listener, to unknown places of imaginative audition, like those present in “Scytale“, a fantastic work by Shinkei and mise_en_scene full of indescribable moments and movements. Sounds leading to silences, silences leading to sounds. One may even feel that listening is really the mean, not sound or silence. It is more about the creation of auditory illusions, oneiric spaces for hearing, like ghost houses where a history of the ephemeral is archived. Fine oblivion tales, like those in a grain that comes when it’s already gone, or in a drone that floats in space and –although reluctant to leave– finally melts in the silence of time. Scytale leaves marks of subtle memory, empty embers of the micro-rhythm, on its way telling stories of universal vibratory fragmentation. A grain universe where pieces got armed, disarmed and rearmed, but always remain as a sonic silence.