sawako – nu.it

a1720426913_10Suspension, of sounds, of bodies, of the whole universe. That is nu.it, the latest album by sawako, who calls herself a “signal alchemist”, role which totally resonates with this work because of the deep effect created by nine intriguing pieces built from vanishing piano notes, droning tonal galaxies, and delicate micro-transmissions, which together encourage the mind to wide contemplative moments; an excursion to a quiet ambience where evolution gives a new sense of time that allows to fly with the ears. The voyage is not common though: it is a levitating experience, a release of reality’s solid layers, able to take perception into subtle and mild realms of listening. Nu.it is a meditative, tranquil and yet mesmerizing river of surprises where each song constitutes an endless highway of microsonic organisms and aerial structures. To listen to this work is the closest to sitting on a cloud at night, floating within the wind of days. (Baskaru)