Rycote Announces New Mini Boom Pole and Lyre Stereo Suspension

Rycote, one of the biggest names in wind protection and microphone suspension, has announced a pair of new products this week.

First is their Lightwave A-3 light weight aluminum boom pole. This small pole is great for ENG work or trying to get into those hard to reach places in a field recording session. The pole is 2.1 feet (64cm) at it’s shortest, and 5.35″ (1.63m) when fully extended. It features the same triple cam locking system as the other Rycote boom poles, which makes them easy to clean and prevents against jamming when dirt and grit get into the pole (which, in my experience, tends to happen a lot!). It also has the quick release system employed on their A-5 boom pole, making for quick and easy microphone switches. The poles are user serviceable, allowing you to take it completely apart for cleaning. Unlike it’s bigger brother, there is no way to run a cable through the A-3.

The currently available stereo suspension system.
The recently announced lyre stereo suspension system.

Rycote also announced a new stereo version of their lyre suspension system, and extending the lyre type suspension to most of their suspension products. The lyre system is a virtually unbreakable replacement for the older elastic and loop suspension system. There are only two different sized lyres, making them virtually universal, so you don’t have to keep changing them out with microphone changes (like you did with the elastic/loop configuration). The newer lyre system has been used for a while now on the standard Rycote windshield systems, and will soon be replacing the older style stereo windshield systems. Rycote says that the new Lyre system prevents even more vibration and is lighter than the older models.

The company has not announced an official released date, but said the products will be available within the next few months. The Lightwave A-3 lists for about $120, and the prices of the new suspension systems vary by size.

Rycote hasn’t released any press on the products on their website yet, but there should be some information about them soon on www.rycote.com.