robert curgenven – sirène

a85e202854Sonic waves invite to contemplate a perspective of spacetime elasticity that is open to be (un)controlled by the composer, for which Curgenven’s Sirène serves as a splendid example: an absorbent passage that without stopping to be sinister and enchanting, allows a unique openness to complete immersion in the invisibility of dreams that become wakefulness. From the propagation of sounds that no hesitate on abandoning their sources, an oceanic encounter is driven by suspension; beyond context, here timeless, indefinite, exhorted from the particularities of appearance and directed to the depths of listening. Dense microtonal clouds, extensive harmonic sweeps and a constant and slow dance of slow surprises that forge together an atmosphere located in subtle but fully present territories, aiming at a meditation that doesn’t fail on challenging the ears in the impossibility of their own withdrawal. (recorded fields)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.