richard garet + zimoun – 21.21

garet_zimoun_2121Sonic texture not only speaks of detail and particularity; there’s also an implicit spatial interest around texture as it represents the diversification of morphology in its temporal development, similar to what Zimoun and Garet expose in 21.21, a piece set as a point created by ears’ stillness, capable of leading the listener to incessant vibrations which, under a dense granular structure, make their way into a continuum of sensations, motives and microsonic appearances which allow, among their variability, to generate the feeling of continuity and sustainability, exposing composition not only as an art of forms and space, but also as a way of dissolving space itself and its bountaries with the silhouette, getting to find a primordial event in listening, where sound despite of not being touched, seen or smelt, appears to have its own materiality, perhaps fleeting, perhaps broken, but intimately present and immersive. (leerraum)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.