Recording of the Week: Aeolian Harp by Marco Colasso & Martín Cruz

New friday! So, new installment of our “Recording of the Week” section a sound recorded this week. It’s a sound published some days ago, but I decided to include it simply because is awesome.

Marco Colasso and Martín Cruz, from a collective called Sonido Creativo (Chile, South America) recorded an aeolian harp at Embalse Puclaro, water reservoir conceived and created as a solution to the shortage of potable water to irrigate over 20,000 hectares in the region. Let’s listen:

Marco and Martín add:

The Eolian Harp overlooks the valley below the dam, facing a steady wind coming from the west. The strong wind makes 8 metal strings to vibrate and resonate with the whole body of the sculpture, giving rise to an incredible concert of metallic sounds that are heard from every viewpoint.

They used a Marantz digital recorder and two Rode NTG-2 microphones.

Recording of the Week is a series of posts dedicated to feature a sound recording published in the community during each week, in order to promote different kinds of recordists over the web.

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