[STR 028] Sea Light and Scattered Mornings

Unprocessed Field Recordings of the Heart of Belfast, by way of its edges.

Belfast Lough is Known in Irish as ‘Loch Lao’ – This name means “Sea Inlet of the Calf”. The River Lagan, which flows into it, was also historically known as the ‘Lao’. it is believed that the Lough and River were named after a Bovine Goddess in the 2nd Century, the Greek Geographer Ptolemy referred to it as the Logia.

I decided I would record eight specific points, inspired by the eight line stanza structure in the Poem entitled ‘The Black Bird of Belfast Lough’ -setting of on my Bicycle from East to West at 04:44 AM all in the Month of May 2015. Sometimes I would return to a location if I was unsatisfied with the results. 

At this Hour of the Morning there is less Human Traffic. Belfast is surrounded by Motorways and Airports. You can hear the first Ships dock from both sides of the Bay, like magnificent drifting wreckage’s – caves grown, tides turn, Skylarks and Lambs at play – as each day awakens from its slumber.

For Sarah.

SM Milligan

We also recommend to listen to a sound map created by the artist.

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