[STR 017] WLD 2014 – Entropy

The soundscape is microsonic. The time scales are present simultaneously around every sound network that exists. The reproduction and evolution of the sonic phenomena happens between the massive and the simple states that are found in the way vibration gets organized for then being transformed again, creating a state of energy able to be in a constant chaos and motion, but also appearing to be there, solid, rigid, telling a story that only the ears can understand clearly. There’s an entropy in the sonic universe, a dynamic of structure and matter, not that of solid bodies but of the illusion of the sound ghost, that is always resting in memory as every atom in the cosmos.

Photo by Simon Serc.


  1. Lake Eymir, by Gurkan Mihci (Turkey) – Lake Eymir is a small lake in Ankara, Turkey. Lake Eymir has a surface area of 1.09 km2. The length of the lake is approximately 4.2 km. Lake Eymir was allocated to the Middle East Technical University. However, it is open to public and car free.In 2013, Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara wanted to allocate the lake to the Municipality but, the University refused it because of the dangerous of constructions and settlements projects of Government in Lake Eymir. Lake Eymir is one of the important places for the weekend gateways in Ankara.
  2. Wtrcrckls, by Andreas Usenbenz (Germany) – I recorded a small metall Pond in my garden while light rain with a Hydrophone. 
  3. A new morning, changing weather / Ausblick in Stereo, by Jens Fischer (Germany)
  4. Mainarde, by Andrea Ricci (Italy) – The raw field record was registred in a windy day, near a little dam.
  5. Tranvia Alfama, by Chinowski Garachana (Malaga Spain) – Tranvia Alfama, 8 minutos intensos de texturas y ruidos grabados con un micro de contacto y una grabadora portatil [Tascam DR 40] durante el ascenso al barrio lisboeta de Alfama en el tranvia 28. Esta pieza es un extracto de una toma de 18 minutos de duración, se realizó un corte a mitad y no ha recibido ningún tipo de prostproducion, “Toma bruta” “Rouge take” .
  6. Billybird, by Martina Testen (Italy) – Recorded on the 28th of April in the Nature Reserve of the the Isonzo River Mouth in Italy, a complex lagoon structure in the northermost section of the Adriatic Sea. The reserve consists of a fair array of environments which shelter a vast diversity of plant and bird species. Some 300 species of birds live and nest throughout the reserve.
  7. Cathedral and main square of Cusco under the rain, by Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller (Cusco, Perú) – The recording was made in January 2014 in the main square of the city of Cusco, at the door of the cathedral, it was possible to capture the start and end of a typical rain in the area that has very short but intense life, it is interesting to analyze loudness rain around the place and the activities and the beauty of water in action.
  8. Cambridge bicycles, by Juno Doran (UK) – This recording is a compilation of many sounds I recorded by a small bridge near King’s College, Cambridge. I was particularly interested in recording bicycles as they are a very common part of the Cambridge audio landscape.
  9. Muted Voicings, by Maria Papadomanolaki (Denmark) – These are recordings I made with my mobile phone in Copenhagen in late June 2014. But lets agree that these are not solely the sounds of Copenhagen. With each transition you listen to my steps, my presence or my absence, my contemplation on childhood, alienation and migration, my playfulness, my frustration, my exasperation, my curiosity, my solitude, my tastes and distastes. You listen to my passing through hotel rooms, streets and galleries. You listen to me or to put it more precisely, you listen to the city as it is infiltrated, affected and fictionalised by myself. My stay in Copenhagen is part of my meshwork of memories and experiences now and will affect my next exploration, my next walk or my next exchange. It’s my anticipations, my thoughts and my past experiences, my body language and who I am that led me to establish this peculiar dialogue with the city, to record and edit these sounds in Muted Voicings. Although in this trajectory, I seemingly wish to remain unseen, silent or hidden when I record, I believe I still have a voice. It’s in there. 
  10. Fireworks, by David Schaffer (France) – It is the field recording of a bastille day fireworks show recorded last summer in Britanny, France. It’s been recorded on a zoom H2N in M/S stereo mode.
  11. The flange, by Raitis Upens & Rihards Bražinskis (Latvia) – Raitis Upens and Rihards Bražinskis (also known as Phonic Psychomimesis) from Riga, Latvia are interested in discreetness of surrounding sounds. The duo has submitted a sketch to “World Listening Day 2014”, containing their latest passion – tram squeals. The squeals of tram wheels and rails mainly are coincidental occurrences – the possibility and tone of rails and wheels are determined by the angle of rail loop or bend, tram speed, rail lubricity, also by air temperature and dampness. Tram rail squeals are special, principally unavoidable pollution of urban sound content, which has caused complaints of residents of Riga and discussions in social media. Tram squeals are a violent and disturbing part of mostly plane and seamless audio landscape of the city. Trams also differ in every country. They are like unique city labels. Tram models “Tatra T3”, “Tatra T3MR” and “Škoda 15T” are present in these recordings. Sounds are captured in different parts of city center and outskirts, like – Jugla, Teika and Mežaparks. Recordings were made during early mornings and late evenings in year 2013. – 2014.
  12. всё/vsë, by Simone Sacchi (Italy) – This short composition has been made as an end course project of a soundscaping workshop in Venice, “Comporre coi suoni del paesaggio” (Composing Soundscapes), held by M° Paolo Zavagna. The name of the piece comes from a voice that can be heard in the recording, of a russian person saying “vsë” (only, just).
  13. Watts Meadow, by Hand of Stabs (England, UK) – Watts Meadow is an area specifically designated for the enjoyment of the people of Rochesterî in the will of the 16th century philanthropist Richard Watts (1529-1579).The area is much loved and is used by just about everybody we know, however the Meadow is continually under threat from developers and much has already been lost. Hand of Stabs took their instruments to the site to record a short improvisation; celebrating the freedom granted us nearly 500 years ago and joyfully rattling our sabres toward those who wish to take freedom from us – both from the landdirectly beneath our feet and in the wider world beyond the Meadow.
  14. Bora Scura, by Simon Äerc (Slovenia) – Recorded on the 12th of November in AjdovöËina, a town in Vipava Valley where extreme bora winds often occur and the speed of the wind can exceed 200 km/h. In winter 2010 the wind gust was measured at a record speed of 295 km/h.
  15. Rainy small harbour near the factory, by Ricardo Huisman (Netherlands) – Little harbour near the road of a big factory in the North of Amsterdam; a mixture of the horizontal and the vertical (underwater) hearing perspective (binaural mic. and hydrophone) in the rainy sound habitat(s) of that specific place and moment. 
  16. The Ottertail river, by Garry Wasyliw (Canada) – The recording was made on a Zoom H6 using the Zoom’s X-Y mic.  The recording was done at 24 bit, 96 kHz.  Later, I made a very clean noise print at the same settings and ran adaptive noise reduction from Adobe Audition.  The file was then normalized and converted to 24 bit, 48kHz. The Ottertail River was very loud and I tried to capture the roar of the reflections back from the trees beyond.  It may sound like white noise on first listen, but reveals a lot of detail on close inspection, especially through headphones.
  17. Thunderstorm & heavy rain, by Eric Boivin (Montreal, Canada) – Recording of a sever thunderstorm with heavy rain from the back blcony of my apartment in Montreal.
  18. Geysir 2 (Strokkur), by Paul Hughes (Iceland) – Strokkur is part of Haukadalur geothermal area which is located in the southwest part of the country, east of Reykjavík, Iceland. I traveled to Iceland to record the sound of Strokkur Geyser. I recorded the sound with a Zoom H4N recorder. I was not only able to capture and record the amazing sound of the geyser (named Strokkur) but also the atmosphere and live reactions from fellow spectators as well. It was a beautiful experience.
  19. Fonte Trebbia, by Vittorio Soana (Italy) – My aim is changing the point of view of the acoustic image. The listening prospective moves around the various texture and micro-texture of the sound, in a natural unpolluted environment.


  1. […] La grabación del profesor Cornejo se realizó en enero del 2014 en la plaza principal de la ciudad de Cusco, en la puerta de la catedral, desde donde fue posible captar el inicio y el final de una lluvia típica de la zona que es de corta duración pero intensa. “Es interesante analizar la sonoridad de la lluvia por el lugar y la belleza del agua en la acción”, dice la página donde está publicada el soundscape. […]

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