porya hatami – the garden

dr-242Resonance is intimate, an encounter with the organic process of the sound shape. Nowadays, some artists doesn’t seem to be interested on constraining those resonant substances but connecting the ears with the dialogue of mutation and stillness that is present in the way sound grows naturally; similar to plants in a garden, as Porya Hatami’s latest work suggests not just in the title, but also in the unique articulation of perspectives towards what’s considered “organic” right from the soul of audible architecture. Six pieces chained as bio-organisms wonderfully related together, featuring tiny cuts and dazzling melodies mixed with an exceptional taste of texture, refinement and detail, making it a meticulous showcase of subtle morphologies; a microcosmic mirror of nature’s engineering where small clusters of infinity are combined as intertwined molecular patterns able to conduct meditative explorations of auricular beauty. (Dronarivm)