New STR Release: Artificial Memory Trace – Afrifton


I’m glad to announce a new release, just one before our World Listening Day 2014 compilation. This time, we have two fantastic pieces from Slavek Kwi, also known as Artificial Memory Trace.

STR011 Afrifton is a stereo version of the 4-channel composition based on field recordings from Mmabolela Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa collected during the “Sonic Mmabolela 2013” project led by Francisco López.

The recording expedition was funded by The National Concert Hall in Dublin (very special thanks to Ciara Cuffe and Simon Taylor for kind support). The 4-channel piece is also featured as part of Continuous Drift, a permanent sound installation curated by Sven Anderson exploring issues of public environmental control, located in Dublin (Ireland).

Special thanks to Sven Anderson and Miguel Isaza for bringing this work to your ears.

Photo: Slavek Kwi (Small Green Dung Beetle – Gymnopleurus humanus, South Africa)


Miguel Isaza M

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