Michel Andre, A Listener of Deep Sea

“The ocean was called ‘the world of silence’ in the past and it truly is for human beings, but as soon as you drop a microphone into the water, this world of silence turns out to be a cacophony of sounds.” – Michel Andre

Michel Andre is a French bioacoustician focused on exploring sea soundscapes, developing a very interesting research into the development of acoustic technologies for the control of marine noise pollution and solving several issues regarding the life inhabiting the ocean, such as a whale anti-collision system based on echo-location and built in 2002:


BBC has recently published another interesting video on Andre’s work, where he shares more information about his interesting methodologies and objectives of research with these underwater sound environments and the species found in there, specially the whales. Also there is another video from euronews published last year.

deep sea michel andre

Also, for Spanish speakers, there’s a wonderful TEDx talk he offered recently in Valladolid, Spain, called The sense of silence in oceans.

For more information on his work, you can visit the Laboratory of Applied BioacousticsThe Sense of Silence Foundation, the Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment project or the Aquo project.