Interesting mini-documentary on the work of Liminaria 2014, featuring interviews with curator Leandro Pisano and sound artists France Jobin (Canada) and Tessa Elieff (Australia).

Liminaria aims at narrating the territory of Fortore, a marginal rural region located in the South of Italy, through an artistic point of view, putting together the ability of digital storytelling and the approach of different disciplines (literature, sociology, aesthetics, anthropology) and different fields of investigations (design, oenogastronomy).

Liminaria is a platform in which stories of places, people and landscapes come together through the hybridization and the convergence of modalities, languages and tools (sound, video, photography and literature).

Liminaria looks at creating a narrative that will give a new perspective to cultural, social, natural, architectural and landscape elements of the land, by having local communities teaming up with artists, curators, researcher, writers, and specialists of new technology.

More info at Liminaria (IT)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.