LEA Editions

Spanish sound artists Edu Comelles and Juanjo Palacios have launched LEA Editions, a new project of the Audiotalaia and Audition Records family.

LEA Editions is a catalogue of online releases available through La Escucha Atenta Blog (born from the hand of Juanjo Palacios). This catalogue of phonographic productions rises as a sound complement to the divulgation labour done by La Escucha Atenta. Also, LEA Editions aims to present in a digital format works based on field recordings and soundscapism.

LEA Editions pretends to be a sound mirror for the projects being presented on La Escucha Atenta. Also we seek to offer a platform of diffusion and production of field recording works by emergent artists.

This phonographic catalogue it is coordinated and curated by Juanjo Palacios and Edu Comelles. Also this project is tided to a joint of various digital projects such as Audiotalaia, Audition Records, and obviously La Escucha Atenta Blog.

LEA Editions

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.