Japan + Colombia

Impulsive Habitat has released a collaboration I did with Darren McClure called Medsumoto, a composition based on field recordings of Matsumoto (Japan) and Medellin (Colombia).

Medsumoto is the first release where Impulsive Habitat in a curatorial exercise gathers two artists and promotes them to conceive a concept of mutual interest and articulate it through a sound release.

For this project we invited Colombian artist, curator and publisher Miguel Isaza from Medellín and Japanese-based sound artist Darren McClure from Matsumoto. Both artists tried to create a narrative that will connect both cities through sound montage with emphasis on layering.

The result is a very compelling release where the listener will be immersed in an emotional place where Medellín and Matsumoto merge crafting a beautiful sense of location and ‘dis-location’ through 39 minutes.