how to cure our soul – saigon

saigonTo compose sounds is to reuse cosmic debris, to relate universal forces together in order to create spaces, atmospheres and states able to free the imagination and invite us to full presence, to make our way in the meditation towards the (in)audible forms. As Saigon, a magnificent work by italian artists Alessandro Sergente and Marco Marzuoli; a delicate journey in which subtly harmonic masses converge and manage to build, from the same point, a sound tissue that in turn ignores but at the same time values the fact of deterioration and distortion, in this case using the softness of tonal processing to achieve dronning clouds that get extended beyond time thus revealing a portal for isolation, introspection, detention at the present time, that for sure, is not only the only real moment of sound, but of our life in the world as such, as if listening was just an excuse to delight the universe itself through sound. (audiobulb)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.