Helicotrema Open Call

Helicotrema is a festival that presents a program of recorded audio pieces, that aims to investigate different forms of collective listening, inspired by the early decades of radio broadcasts.

Blauer Hase announces an open call for the presentation of recorded audio pieces, mono or stereo, whose duration doesn’t exceed 10 minutes.
Helicotrema, the collective listening – recorded audio – festival has its focus on creating a listening situation linked with the physical context of the the different venues. During the previous 4 years Helicotrema got the chance to present audio on a boat, in different types of gardens, in studio rooms, astronomic observatories, in a foundry, in a former military fort, inside a movie theater and in a museum.
Helicotrema will present sound pieces such as audio plays, audio documentaries, experimental poetry, field recordings and other timeline-based formats based only on an acoustic component.
The selected pieces will be presented during the fifth edition of Helicotrema in a series of collective listening session.
This year’s Helicotrema edition will premiere at Centrale Fies “World Breakers” performing arts festival in Dro, Italy, and will then take place in different locations.


How to participate: Send an mp3 version of your audio contribution (maximum 10 minutes / 20 MB) to: helicotremafestival[at]gmail.com.

Blauer Hase propone un bando per la presentazione di brani audio registrati, mono o stereo, la cui durata non superi i 10 minuti.
Durante Helicotrema saranno presentati radiodrammi, radiodocumentari, poesia sperimentale, paesaggi sonori e altri formati sonori basati su una componente narrativa.
I brani selezionati saranno presentati durante la quinta edizione di Helicotrema in una serie di sessioni di ascolto collettivo.
Quest’edizione del festival si presenterà per la prima volta a Centrale Fies in occasione di “World Breakers”, festival di performing arts a Dro. Helicotrema proseguirà poi con altri eventi in diversi luoghi.


Come partecipare: Inviare una versione mp3 del vostro contributo audio (massimo 10 minuti / 20 MB) a: helicotremafestival[at]gmail.com

Flavien Gillié

Sound artist