haruo okada + fabio perletta – 邂逅 (kaikō)

perletta okada kaikoListening interrupts or invites, this time is both, beautifuly presented as both emergence and attraction, as a set of improvisational moments and temporary guidelines; a constant, surprising and unpredictable resonance weaving from a paradox: planned and random, apparently calculated but ultimately subject to the unforeseen.邂逅 is a room for surprise, for sounds that appear to be but are not, for sometimes vast and shimmering spaces, yet at times as small as a droplet. A mass of micro-macro events fed from a logic that goes beyond logic, using a language that goes beyond language: intuition of empty places that are not empty, sounds that are not sounds. Among a changing tissue of field recordings and an inevitable shelter of tonalities, these two artists lead the listener to a journey that despite of telling a story, ultimately loses any concrete narrative to go to the wonders of the unnameable, where listening is free in its ubiquity. (f901)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.