Handheld Recorder Shootout

René Coronado has been publishing a series of articles on his blog, doing a comparison between several handheld recorders. The list includes:

  • Sony PCM D50
  • Tascam DR-100
  • Zoom H4n
  • Sound Devices 744t (as reference)

The portable recording device market has exploded in recent years, and everyone is looking around wonder which one to buy – so I’m here to help! The specific purpose of the shootout is to evaluate the recorders through the lens of sound designers and field recordists, and to measure them against an industry standard field recording setup. I’m testing out three recorders against a reference setup.

He compares all the features of the devices and also do several listening tests. He’s created two very well-written articles, which will help you a lot if you were considering a new handheld recorder this Christmas… 🙂

Part 1 | Part 2