gintas k – blind man tales

blind man talesGintas K defines his own coordinates in the space-form contract and the aesthetics of sound matter, finding paths in the malleable, dealing with compounds that not only participate in the gestation of new musical variations in the audible element but also invite to an expanded, often challenging listening, largely fertile for those attentive to detail, microform and the recesses of timbre; the bowels of the object. Blind man tales develops such as a granular continuum, with lots of micro-intrusions, organic sequences and modulated melodies, all dancing across inaudible areas and endless combinations of extreme subtlety, setting up an acousmatic topography from which are identified spaces that get multiplied, not functioning as a mere superposition of sounds in time, but as an organism that eventually achieves awareness of a heterogeneous activity present in just a few seconds; unrepeatable, loaded with perpetual fascination. (bôlt)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.