foundsoundscape is “a live radio collage of foundsound places to underscore your personal spaces”. It’s curated by Janek Schaefer and features 1000 different locations, by 100 different artists.

It’s been 20 years exactly since I created ‘Recorded Delivery’, which quietly collected sounds of the inner realm of the Post Office in March 1995. Back then I could only use cassettes to capture sound, and there was no internet or digital in my world. Two decades later the technical options are staggering, but simplicity and calm is more in demand than ever.

Foundsoundscape was inspired by the very first Digital Radio station in the UK, that simply played a recording of a rural location. Radio you could just leave running to add a peaceful ambience to your environment indoors. It heralded a new media paradigm, as digital broadcasting offered more capacity than requred for the first time, and that space needed filling. At the same time on TV, Channel 4 was broadcasting Big Brother live 24hours, and at night I loved to tune-in my analogue TV sets all over the house, and the shed, so I could hear the housemates gently sleeping as I worked through the night. Since then infomercials, and gambling TV have taken over, and I greatly miss that sense of real-time space, that does not demand your attention. This then just quietly underscores your environment, by creating new ones from others.

Radio is special as it was the first medium that could be experienced by many people in many places all at the same time. Foundsoundscape.com is an online radio station that streams live 24hours a day and can be shared by people all over the globe. Using over 1000 calm & curious location recordings captured by 100 recordists, the sounds were simply edited, and then played back three at a time at various volumes in shuffle mode, and the result is never the same twice. You often hear the edges of time as files begin or stop playing mid flow. If you listen ever so carefully you can also hear me working in the shed studio at night, as I have a live mic feeding into the mix. I sometimes like to work with tv radio & music playing, to absorb information, give me ideas, and share it with you.

My hope is that others will find foundsoundscape enjoyable and leave it running all day & all night long, just like a radio! It’s as simple as that, with one click. A salute to serendipity and shared sonic space. Bookmark it. Play it in rooms around the house. Share it . . Take a break . . .

Every day is different.

Happy Daze.


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.