federico durand – la estrella dormida


A constellation where innocence rests in eternity; a field made of the paths of stars that sleep in the day to tell the stories of the night. Sound is here a fleeting light, a intermittent dream that seems awake, wandering in the trails of cosmic imagination; deep, fragile, colorful. Following the steps of the dawn, Federico Durand draws remote landscapes that send the listener through the hidden subtlety of the lightness of life; delicate and radiant, ready to challenge the soul in a fantasy between nature and infinity, between simplicity and nostalgia. Among warm melodies, soft structures, some field recordings and spellbound loops, Durand builds a magical world where the mind subsides, the heart expands, and the song of stillness finds its niche among surreal echoes, perhaps of sounds, perhaps of memories. It is as if for one night, stars and dreams gathered together to write songs to the moon. (white paddy mountain)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.