El Coyote, a great essay published by sound artist David Velez at The Field Reporter:

‘El Coyote’ is a sonic, visual and written essay based on my experience in the touristic complex of Bijao in Panama on January of 2013.

In Bijao the tension between the ecosystem and the intrusive architecture was evident from the moment I arrived: this environmental contrast and the subjacent anthropological and biological implications expressed in the formal aspects of the area became the focus of my artistic interest.

These recordings are not about an ideal virgin natural environment, but about an available quotidian environment with presence of men, machines and architecture on a predominantly natural habitat. If wild life recordings are considered neo-romantic, I’d consider these recordings neo-realistic.

On a more specific approach ‘El coyote’  is about the way the animals adapt their acoustic behavior to the sounds of machines when they become part of their their environment. About how the questions and reflections of my interest are projected and reflected in this environment and the resonance I managed to establish with it.

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Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.