David Tudor’s Rainforest V (Variation 1) Installation is Now at MoMa

Rainforest-V_Broadway1602MoMa is one of those museums in which sound matters, not only because of the well-known Soundings exhibition but also because of the amount of sound artists from all over the world who keep to be invited to explore sound in their installations, and of course, because of the new art works they have been collecting, such as their recent acquisition: Rainforest V (Variation 1), a sound installation originally conceived in 1973 by David Tudor and adapted in 2015 by Composers Inside Electronics, resulting in the one now placed by the museum.

“David Tudor’s Rainforest V (Variation 1) (1973–2015) is an ecosystem of objects that envelops you in sound. Chirping, croaking, clicking, or ringing, each sculpture speaks in its own voice, resonating back into the amplification system of the gallery space, joining the harmonious cacophony of the collective noise. According to Tudor, the concept for the piece grew out of a “dream-vision of an orchestra of loudspeakers, each speaker being as unique as any musical instrument.” This heterogeneous group of objects, constructed from a variety of materials, echoes the diversity of flora and fauna in the natural world, breathing and reverberating in constant commotion—a forest of sound.”

There’s a video at MoMa’s blog, plus more background information and details on the installation.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.