CHROMA is total visual director Shiro Takatani’s new live performance project. It includes Takatani together with Takuya Minami, Marihiko Hara, Ken Furudate and featuring Simon Fisher Turner. Shiro Takatani, well known as a member of internationally highly regarded legendary artist group called “Dumb Type”, has been producing video installations since the 90’s. Highly regarded for his solo output as well as collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Rei Harakami and many others. Recently he has been collaborating with Simon Fisher Turner who joins him with a song in his latest work, CHROMA (2012). Sónarsound Tokyo 2013 has a world first allowing you to see CHROMA in this wider live version for the first time.

chroma concert version @ SonarSound Tokyo 2013

full performance video here (embedding not allowed)

by shiro takatani

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.