casten nicolai – α (alpha) pulse

Another video of carsten nicolai’s α (alpha) pulse project.

α (alpha) pulse’s generated light patterns pulsated in a synchronized frequency across the entire façade of Hong Kong’s iconic 490 meter high International Commerce Centre on the Kowloon harbor front. Like a lighthouse, the tower was sending its pulses into the city, reaching out to Hong Kong residents and visitors.

α (alpha) pulse is an experimental construction that looks at the effects of audiovisual stimulation on the human perception. In accordance with scientific research, the work is based on the principles of neural feedback on pulsating light sources.

Visible from numerous locations across Hong Kong and accessible via mobile device app, α (alpha) pulse could be experienced by people all over the city. Designed by Nicolai, the app provided the audio for the installation and responded to the light display on the ICC, adding another layer to the installation.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.