Between Tension and Echoes: The Sonic Spaces of Rubén D’Hers

Venezuelan artist Rubén D’hers has published some video documentation of his latest sculptures/installations, such as jaula nerviosa, in which modified birdcages serve as sound sculptures in which resonance is activated by a set of strings, tables, piezos, transducers, motors and even a macaw feather. The result is an unpredictable dynamism of spaces result of the interaction between tension and movement.

Another piece is the second installment of glas field #2, which features a shimmering spatial drone of zithers being activated by stones hanged in a motor-driven cable, creating a mesmerizing play of echoes. It was exhibited at City Sonic Sound Art Festival, Belgium, 2016.

There are other pieces from D’hers featuring a similar approach, but using other elements, such as guitars, as in his cascada or chord tunnel pieces.

Find more on his website.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.