The Field Reporter Radio #21

Programmed by Cheryl Tipp

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fragment from “Sceneries from the Castellated Wall”
YASUHIRO MORINAGA (Galaverna 2012)
fragment from ‘Inner Sky’ GIANLUCA FAVARON
(Galaverna 2012)
fragment from ‘Terra d’agua’ LUIS ANTERO
(Galaverna 2013)
fragment from ‘Sonidos del Subconsciente (I)’ ASFERICO
(Galaverna 2012)
fragment from ‘Re:Fujaco’ @C (Galaverna 2012)
fragment from ‘Eolo’ ANDREAS BICK
(Galaverna 2013)

Photo by Franco Aresi for Galaverna

Galaverna website

Cheryl Tipp

Wildlife sounds curator at British Library.