The Field Reporter Radio #20

‘Bruere Allichamps’

Curated by Cheryl Tipp

Download ‘Bruere Allichamps’ by TESSA ELIEFF

These field recordings were gathered by Australian Sound Artist, Tessa Elieff AKA Tattered Kaylor in Bruere Allichamps, central France 2011. They are part of the work undertaken during an Inhabit International residency at le abbaye Noirlac. This composition consists of a sonic timeline of the bank of the Cher River between le abbaye Noirlac and the nearby township of Bruere Allichamps. Time line begins at 0500 and ends at Midnight.

The sounds you hear are (in order of appearance):

1) Morning wind and ambiance
2) Dawn chorus as heard from Bruere Allichamps
3) Cyclists passby the river
4) Midday at Bruere Allichamps annual market. Buskers and crowd
5) Afternoon ambiance
6) Evening crickets
7) Midnight cicada in the grounds of le abbaye Noirlac

-Cheryl Tipp

Tessa Elieff website