(Taâlem 2012) 

Alone, but not isolated

Sound creation in its initial form is destined to a short-lived exposure.

Artist David Velez chose to rework this material and crystallise it as a 3‘’CD release on Taâlem records, a blest encounter to my ears. As my mind wanders, floating from the show room to my intimacy, I let the sounds catch my attention little by little.

Never mind the proportion of ‘concrete’, reworked, generated or slowed down sounds, I try to let the discourse on technique aside to preserve my attention and appreciate this piece of atmospheric and earthly elements. David Velez choses with great talent to confront frictions and interlaced material and surely knows how to bring those slippings and tensions to their breaking point.

I find myself in the poetry and space once evoked by Gaston Bachelard, alone but not lonely, a wandering shape through a lush forest filled with life surrounding me and encouraging me to be a part of it for the duration of the piece and again later, like a never ending echo to have me come back and live here.

-Flavien Gillié, translated by LAAG

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Flavien Gillié

Sound artist