(Echomusic 2012)

Darius Ciuta is one of the vey interesting composers that have emerged over the past two years in the line of field recordings based composition. His work presents images of great beauty, subtle and suggestive narratives and in general very strong and meaningful formal aspects.

“H-CS” published online by on Echomusic is probably his most interesting work since his release “L-C (Loop coil)” published on 2011 and selected by many artists and curators as one of the most interesting works of the year in this journal.

“H-CS” exemplifies the capacity of Darius Ciuta to rethink and reinvent his own work, always within a coherent process exploring similar problems through different methods obtaining strong and surprising sensible results. This time his sound is more austere and subtle than ever in a process where the simplicity in the form seems to be the major formal consideration.

Something that I can sense on “H-CS” is the interest and possibility of Darius Ciuta to create grammatical and visual structures with incidental sounds. I say grammatical because he seems to give to the combinations of sounds a syntactic sense, every sound operates like a symbol of emotional meaning that the composer uses to connect with other sounds. This is probably one of the reasons why the releases and projects of Darius Cuita work so well, because he approaches
compositional structures in a very personal and unique way
apparently linking different systems and natures.

“H-CS” is a very successful work that offers to the listener an incredible sensible experience where form finds a meaning through a narrative and gramatical exercise.

-John McEnroe

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