MEAN TIME: A collaborative sound art project

Mean Time is an interesting collaborative project to happen in Dublin, Ireland, 1st and 2nd October. "Up until the 1st of October 1916 Ireland was on Dubli...

Listening Across Disciplines

Sound researchers Salomé Voegelin and Anna Barney have been working on an interesting project called Listening Across Disciplines, funded by Arts and Humani...
visual sounds of finland andy thomas

Visual Sounds of Finland

Visual Sounds of Finland is the latest installation work by Andy Thomas, whose work we have previously mentioned.
fluid sounds

Seismograf Special Issue: Fluid Sounds

Seismograf journal has published a special issue called Fluid Sounds, dedicated to explore sound and also to propose a new format for their platform, "The A...
nicolas bernier oscillation

Nicolas Bernier – frequencies (a / oscillation)

Nicolas Bernier has created a new piece for his frequencies series, dedicated to explore different aspects of vibration into sound and light processes around the electro-mechanical intersection.


The development of new technologies and recording techniques allows us to listen to soundscapes the ear wouldn’t normally capture. VacuaMoenia has named this ...
aki onda space studies

Aki Onda – A Study for “Space Studies” Aki Onda's sound work is undoubtedly vast and fascinating, from his cassette memories project series, to his audio-visual explorati...