yukitomo hamasaki – the garden

a0525460447_10The Internet is a reflection of virtuality. The soundscape is also present in our cybernetic environments, revealing the migration of sonic experiences into the diffuse reality of networks. Japan based artist Yukitomo Hamasaki explored this cyber-soundscape in an album called “the GARDEN” where, by merging sonic fragments created in combination of different materials found around the world wide web, a new ecosystem is built; an illusion of the organic inside the shell, resulting in a fascinating adventure across microscopic manifestations of form and space. Where are those sounds from? Which one is their natural place? At the end, there’s no answer to that and the only option is to surrender to an ensemble of tonalities, unexpected sounds and phantasmagoric appearances; frequency shadows and delicate obliterations for the ear which despite of being found on virtuality, can touch the deepness of sensory fields; pure schizophonic beauty.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.