After making dozens of interviews to sound artists and experimental musicians via email for The Field Reporter and for Sonic Field, I found that my everyday life conversations with artists were so much more interesting and eloquent, so after moving to the UK I decided to start a series video interviews trying to bring this spontaneous atmosphere to the Sonic Field content.

Ben Gwilliam is my first interviewee, he is an artist from England who works with media such as sound and cinema, and who has published releases on labels like Winds Measure Recordings, Glistening Examples, Entr’acte, Korm Plastics and Consumer Waste among many others. Ben also has exhibited his pieces in Audiograft, OVADA, Blankspace, Modern Art Oxford Chapman Gallery, Gallery Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld and Borland Gallery, while he has collaborated with artist such as Lee Patterson, Stephen Cornford and Ryoko Akama to mention a few.

I met Ben on 2016 while we shared the bill at Bradford’s venue Fuse, and ever since I grew interested on his work, and on winter of 2017 I finally interviewed him in Huddersfield where he shared some insights about some of his pieces and his practice.

Part I

Part II

To learn more about Ben’s work you can visit his website or his Vimeo page.


To see and listen to more of Ben Gwilliam’s work you can visit the following videos.

“breakdownspedup” is an album by Ben Gwillliam that is referred to on this interview. It was published by the label Mantile but it is out of stock so the label has made it available via download on their website. The album can also be listened on You Tube.



David Vélez

David Vélez (PhD) is a Colombian sonic artist studying the acoustics of food, working in the intersection between sound ethnography and plant bioacoustics. His work oversteps the boundaries of installation art, field recordings, composition, performance and commensality exploring gardens, kitchens and open food markets as exhibition spaces. Vélez is interested in the strategic artistic possibility of sound and its invisible, immersive, unstable and fluctuating material, attrubutes shared with the nourishing transference of energy in food.