twincities – variations for the celesta

a0815667450_10Sound never stops, it’s always moving because if not, we wouldn’t be alive to say this. Sound signals get into computers, machines and other tools that process its characteristics, but stay always on their own realm. When playing instruments and dealing with electronic devices, so much sound can be made, way more of what is supposedly the tool’s purpose. Each thin contact and any movement or interaction creates and contrasts billions of microsounds, as in “Variations for the celesta“, a work based in that kind of attention to detail, where delicate noises, fuzzes, buzzes and static sounds get merged in wonderful ways. It’s fragile, refined, melodically rich and full of engaging atmospheres. Grains all over the place, in clouds, in points, in soft sequences; the whole time reflecting microsonic exoticism, perfect for exploring texture layers able to showcase nostalgic frequency sweeps and intricate frameworks of subtle transmissions.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.