steve roden – flower and water

ddr008-500x500There are sound universes available only for ears without references, self-banished from the lands of language in order to achieve a way of listening that lies deep in the roots of all things, an intensively acousmatic world; hidden, although causal and present, where objects roam in their own myth, improvising cosmologies from the invisible sources; at once so near and so distant from music, physical but not, almost sculptural but so fragile and transitory, that inevitably disappears. Flower and Water is a transmutation of sound mirrors, collages of ghostly architecture, as neat as free, resulting in several hypnotic sequences, all entwined in exotic scales, gathered in order to develop a single continuum thats dilates the audible sensitivity by shocking the listener with a delicate and (im)permanent modulation of space and time. (dragon’s eye)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.