shinkei / luigi turra – yu

yuThe world of sonic particles is present in complex objects, not just over almost silent territories of signals, but in exotic sources where grains can be extracted and re-organized. What we call sonic universe is a big noisy cloud which is itself a system too. When field recording and microsound methods get combined, the possible detail and diversity of realities on those systems is infinite. Composing and designing create a single role, the one of the illusionist of sound, as Shinkei and Luigi Turra show it on the outstanding soundscape they create on “Yu” by using minimalist but spectrally diverse set of sounds. A dialogue between artificial micro-structures and meditative textures and patterns, all alternated with particles found in a universe between nature and artificiality, enabling a mind state perfect for contemplation, either from the sounds in a zen monastery, a micro-galaxy of  synthetic tonalities or the silence underlying a bird song.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.