ryuichi sakamoto & taylor deupree – disappearance

12k1076Microsound opens a path to subtle and detailed sonic events where transcendence is revealed in the beauty of the listening experience, right at its influence from the fine auditory weave, not only on the physical features but in the sense and feeling of its essence. The openness of today’s possibilities makes the sonic craft to be more rigorous and precise, letting the artist merge any kind of possible sounds by not forcing the machine, but creating a dialogue with it and finding ways of artificially capturing the color of the subtle in natural/acoustic events; the warmth of the organic merged with the magic behind technology, feeding solitude and fabricating a contemplation habitat, placed in a brittle line of silence, where sound is deconstructed and reconstructed no matter the apparent material source; if a piano, water or a room tone. The result is a stunning microcosmos for the ear, an endless universe of simplicity. (12k)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.