richard chartier – recurrence

RECURRENCERichard Chartier is a must when thinking about digital audible minimalism. His impecable aesthetic job and the fine pieces of a silent sonic art steeped into subtle caves and hidden micro forms, lines and spaces, is admirable. Recurrence is delicateness in the ear, an invisible surprise; an album full of silent details where small and almost inaudible sound fragments and textures travel over wide spectral ranges creating exquisite miniature universes. Dim and quiet, a silence creates atmospheres responsible of encompassing the senses in over twenty minutes of sublime movements articulated in a tunnel of tonal variations and micro-structures (as the second track shows) that open as a wide morphological sources in charge of keeping the work fresh at all times, constantly varying in order to cause radical alterations in those who offer their concentration to the purest listening. To them, this work is a gift of silence. (Line)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.