Review of iZotope RX 2 on AudioNewsRoom

AudioNewsRoom has published a very cool review on the new iZotope RX2. It’s a three part article, where you can read about the main features, comparisons between the different versions of RX, and also listen to some audio examples and descriptions about the different features in the application.


iZotope RX 2 is the most complete and expansive audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminate clicks and crackle, restore clipped audio, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesise missing audio and much more. There is no doubt in my mind that with some time and patience you can manipulate audio to such an extent that you wouldn’t know it has been. Perhaps some of the processes do take a long time to do, but ultimately quality comes at a price and if it means I can drink more tea while I am at my desk then thats not a bad thing. You could always leave the program to do its job utilising the batch processing while you get on with your other mixes. Perhaps it would be great to use all of the plugins in series and hear multiple effects being applied at once without committing to a particular process before moving on, but I have a feeling that even the most advanced computer would have troubles computing these tasks. As I have also mentioned the sound quality is fantastic and the whole Spectral Repair tool blows my mind, opening up the possibilities for sound design.

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Miguel Isaza M

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