OlivElegy, by Enrico Coniglio


OlivElegy, new release by Enrico Coniglio at Impulsive Habitat.

Recordings made ​​at an olive oil mill site on the hills a few kilometers from the charming town of Assisi, Umbria (Italy). Special thanks to the nuns of Monastero Benedettino di Sant’Anna, Bastia Umbra, and Frantoio Le Vecchie Macine, Tordibetto. Coordinates are 43°05’33.9″N 12°34’48.5″E.

“A long-leafed olive tree, strong and vigorous, and thick as a pillar, grew in the courtyard. I built my room of solid stone around it, finished it off with a fine roof, and added tight-fitting timber doors.”
–Homer (The Odyssey, XXIII, vv. 184-204)

Miguel Isaza M

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