juan carlos vasquez – collages

juan carlos vasquez collagesMusic is scaled in time, placing audible realities in reductive diminutive forms but also in complex reflections in which bodies constitute vast landscapes that provide an infinite appreciation of matter and field. By combining some field recordings and samples from classical music performances, Juan Carlos Vasquez, breaks the music sheets and gets into searches of the concrete, undertaking a meditation on the sonic energy and facing an encounter with its intangibility. Anatomy gets formed while diluted, as reacting to unknown gravitational laws, resulting in eight fine collages located in a spacetime singularity where technology opens up new realms found in the depths of legendary songs, here defined in an incessant stampede that walks around calm, stress, and release, placing listening in a dichotomy of macro and micro; entropy and uncertainty building together an intense journey through the diversity of timbre. (imprec)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.