fabio perletta – interstitial spaces

is-F90111Sonic space is such a boundless concept. One just need to listen to the interaction of just small grains and subtle frequencies of auditory compounds in order to create a vast, endless universe of possibilities over silence, being able of inhabiting a place where matter is never visible, only sonic, and infinite. That’s what Insterstitial Spaces, by Fabio Perletta says to my hears. The conceptual background of the piece allows to define a very direct and calculated relationship between modern physics and perception,  between knowledge and aesthetics, evident in the use of almost silent but yet diverse particles of sound that –during the activity of listening– create a path of scientific exploration from the experience on its purity, in this case opening doors to an adventure over contemplative sonic landscapes built from the “unexpected” symphony that is heard when an “atomic structure is broken or suspended”.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.