curtis roads – point line cloud

624366_300x300_1Granular processing represents a big step in how we relate with sound. The acoustic space becomes easily malleable and all soundscape gets microsonically dissected, letting to explore sonic matter in deeper conceptions and getting into the life of basic, volatile, and fragile structures flowing “into liquid-like streams and rivulets”. Curtis Roads has not only given a solid vision of what microsound is, but has also reflected it on an aesthetic output. He demonstrates that the tool is a dynamic system, an entity that is open to be questioned, showing that although micro-rhythms are natural in any sound, technology revolutionizes them in the way it can help on storing, repeating and transforming. Pulses get organized in rizomatic ways, evolving as massive avalanches of particles, a palace of uncertainty inside the auditory phenomena. At the end sounds are not waves, not particles, but an intermittent experience reflected in both. (asphodel)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.