cascone + chartier + deupree – after

CS1265336-02A-BIGSound dimensions can not be understood as we do with other aspects of reality. Sound is multi-dimensional and that is one of its most amazing characteristics. Composing sound in this technology-driven world can easily fall into non-sense practices and results, but when three great artists such as Cascone, Deupree and Chartier gather in order to create a collaborative soundscape, a new possibility arises: a dialogue where technology is allied with the ears in order tho get the message of listening. The use of real-time DSP processing and the possibility towards sonic particle mixing from an improvised set, makes it possible to build a bridge not only in terms what’s between timbre/texture fabrication and the listening experience, but also in the way machines and artists interact, in this case manufacturing a singular environment that sounds like a surreal microscopic landscape of artificially controlled nature. (12k)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.