bernhard günter – monochrome rust/differential

rustThere is poetry in the way subatomic particles interact in order to build universes, like if they could create new energy symphonies. Sound also does that, by working in a multi-directional way in the sense that it is possible to aesthetically choose some specific set of particles and create a set of forces able to give a concrete behavior to any family of grains. If there’s an artist capable of choosing just the right amount of sonic points is Bernhard Günter. His compositions regularly get to a state of dissolution, where inside quiet and hypnotic environments, listening is valued as a radar for the subtle, a pointillist map of audible realms. Monochrome rust/differential creates a game of time, constantly redefining the notion of diversity and permanence, and also maintaining the ear filled by an endless course of grains characterized for being perfectly structured in terms of life span, texture, and transformation.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.